Got Pests? Call Us for Pest Control in Lindsay

There is no doubt that pests can throw a wrench into your plans. They can cause serious damage to your home and property, especially when you do not deal with them immediately. Overlooking the issue or deciding to deal with it at a later date will only make things worse – Which could potentially cause more damage, make the issue more difficult to rectify, and could cost you more money.

Rather than trying to eliminate the problem yourself, and potentially putting yourself in danger, it is essential that you call a professional, like Home and Cottage Pest Control, when you need pest control in Lindsay. Once you tell us about your pest issue, we will know exactly what to do to eliminate the problem.

About Home and Cottage Pest Control

At Home and Cottage Pest Control all of our pest control specialists are trained in the safest procedures in pest control in Lindsay. Our pest control specialists in Lindsay are dedicated to making sure that all critters and rodents stop invading your living space. We have the years of experience, professional team, and knowledge to get rid of the problem the right way and so pests do not become an issue again.

If your pest invasion is causing you and your family anxiety and sleepless nights, we are confident our pest control services in Lindsay will give back your peace of mind and let you enjoy your home once again without the worry of unwanted insects and rodents.

The Benefits of Choosing Us for Pest Control in Lindsay

There are advantages to choosing us for pest control in Lindsay. For years, we have provided residents in the Lindsay area with effective and efficient pest removal services. This means that we have seen it all and done it all when it comes to pest control. Once you tell us about your pest issue, we will know exactly what to do to free your home from pests.  Choose us because:

  • We take an environmentally sensitive approach
  • We are Government licensed
  • We are up to date with the best pest control removal techniques
  • We have years of experience removing all types of pests, rodents, and wildlife
  • We humanly remove wildlife – no animals are harmed or destroyed
  • We are part of the National Pest Management Association
  • We are a Termatric Certified Technician
  • We provide consultation for wildlife prevention
  • We will get the job done and we stand behind all the work we do!

Call us for Pest Control in Lindsay

No matter what type of pests you are having issues with, we should be your first call when it comes to pest control in Lindsay and the surrounding area. We will quickly assess the situation and create a plan to remove all signs of pests on your property. Working with us is that simple – you tell us about your problem and we will make it go away. Call us today!

Call 1-866-801-4420 or 705-324-2224

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