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Pests Happen – We Will Get Rid of Them!

As a homeowner, one of the last things that you want to have to deal with is a pest issue. Pests such as insects, rodents, bats, and wildlife can cause serious damage to your home and they can also make you uneasy in your own home. If you notice a pest issue, it is important to address it immediately.

Rather than trying to address the issue yourself and potentially injuring yourself, it is important to call a professional pest control company. When it comes to professional pest control in Peterborough, Home & Cottage Pest Control is your best option. We have the experience and the resources to properly address your pest issue and help you get things back to normal at home.

Services for Pest Control in Peterborough

If you have a pest issue in Peterborough, we can handle it. No matter what type of pest is causing your problems, we offer the services for pest control in Peterborough and the surrounding area. Services include:

  • Insects: We can help you eliminate all type of insect issues, such as spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and more.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats are a common issue. We will eliminate the reason and routes that rodents use to get into your home or cottage.
  • Wildlife Removal: We humanly remove all types of animals such as skunks, racoons, birds and others.
  • Bats: Give us a call if you have a bat issue anywhere on your property.

About Home & Cottage Pest Control

We specialize in residential and commercial pest control in Peterborough so you can reclaim your space again. At Home and Cottage Pest Control we are dedicated to providing the most effective pest control Peterborough of a variety of household insects and rodents. No matter what uninvited insect guest has taken up residence in your home, our professional team is trained in the removal of insects or small rodent infestation.

Advantages of Using Us For Pest Control Peterborough

Residents in Peterborough and the surrounding area choose us for pest control because we get the job done. When you call us with a pest control problem we handle it the right way so you can get things at home back to normal. Choose us because:

  • We take an environmentally sensitive approach
  • We are up to date with the best pest control removal techniques
  • We have years of experience removing all types of pests, rodents, and wildlife
  • We humanly remove wildlife – no animals are harmed or destroyed
  • We are part of the National Pest Management Association
  • We are a Termatric Certified Technician
  • We will get the job done!

Need Pest Control in Peterborough? We Are Only a Call Away!

If you have a pest control issue in the Peterborough area, give us a call right away. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we will be able to eliminate the pest issue on your property. Contact us today!

Call 1-866-801-4420 or 705-876-6224 in Peterborough

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