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At Home and Cottage Pest Control, we practice Integrated Pest Management as an EFFECTIVE and ENVIRONMENTAL sensitive approach to pest SOLUTIONS.

Our company relies on a combination of COMMON SENSE PRACTICES, up to date TECHNOLOGY, EQUIPMENT and continuing EDUCATION in the pest management field.

Our IPM programs use current comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most ECONOMICAL, and SAFEST means, and with the least possible hazard to property, and the environment.

EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL SERVICES from the Experts: Home and Cottage Pest Control provides effective inspection and monitoring techniques to help protect your home, cottage, farm or business from pest intruders. Our services are safe, effective, GUARANTEED and PROFESSIONAL.

The basis of quality pest control is inspection. We can find entry points for insects; rodents such as mice and rats or wildlife like raccoons, squirrels etc.

WE LISTEN to your concerns and WE OFFER solutions that work. We use only Ministry of the Environment approved products and treatment methods that are child, pet and adult safe.

Our LICENCED SPECIALISTS are trained to identify the pest, eliminate the problem and discuss the cause with you in order to prevent further reoccurrence so you can enjoy a PEST FREE ENVIRONMENT.

At HOME AND COTTAGE PEST CONTROL, we are equipped to deal with any pest situation you may encounter in your home, cottage or commercial establishment. Don’t take a chance CALL HOME AND COTTAGE PEST CONTROL TODAY, and protect what’s most precious to you.

Your goal is our GUARANTEE – a pest free environment. This we supply to you in WRITING.

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At Home and Cottage Pest Control, we are the leaders of pest control in Peterborough, Orillia and Lindsay. Our professional team are experts at providing pest control in Orillia, Peterborough and Lindsay. Visit us at homeandcottagepestcontrol.net for more information about our pest control in Lindsay, Peterborough and Orillia.

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